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Noisepad comes bundled with 5 soundbanks of 12 samples each. More soundpacks are made available for download in the In-App Store by several artists: Chuckie, Krafty Kuts, Waxfiend, Loopbased and Bong-Ra.



Chuckie’s mixing skills and distinctive productions not only show an indispensable complement to the Dutch dance industry, the international dance-scene has also been giving him a warm welcome.

Driven by ambition, enthusiasm and pure passion for music, his characteristic set makes the crowd go wild and his many productions reflect the true visionary in his craft. Nowadays, Chuckie still continues to surprise the us with his mind-blowing style and his story is yet to continue…

Chuckie is the first A-list artist to be involved in the development of the Noisepad. In a need for live sampling on stage in combination with his standard gear, Chuckie came up with this mobile tool for his livesets.

Check this interview with Chuckie


All these soundbanks are bundled with Noisepad or can be downloaded for free.

Who is ready to jump - vocal samples from the hit single; ‘It’s all about the jumping’, ‘Put yo f***ing hands up’ (12 samples)
What happens in Vegas - vocal samples from the hit single; ‘Party people are you ready?!’, ‘What happens in Vegas…’, (12 samples)
Kicks & Snares - various one-hit kicks, snares and hihats (12 samples)
Make Some Noise by Chuckie & Junxter Jack - samples from the hit single (24 samples)

Free Packs

Noisepad comes bundled with free samples, but not all free samples are bundled with Noisepad! Many additional free samples can be downloaded from the in-app shop... for free! Not having them bundled with Noisepad means you can decide which samples you like and throw away the rest, saving space on your device.

We'll be adding more of these over time, so keep an eye on our Twitter and/or Facebook channels for the news.


Available in the In-app Store. Did we mention these are free?

Basic Drum Kit - bassdrums, snares, hihats, bongos, kettledrums, everything! (96 samples)
Hits with Bits - retro 8-bit percussion, saw wave, rectangle wave etc (48 samples)

Guitar Chords & Notes

Add an acoustic feel to your beats and tracks with these high quality guitar samples. All of the sounds in the pack are one-hit samples, ready to be used in the creation of some sweet tunes.

More of these are coming soon...


Available in the In-app Store.

Guitar Chords & Notes - full chords, single notes, double stops and harmonics (48 samples)

Krafty Kuts

This app has been a great way for me to hype up the crowds without the need for a mic in sight or the dulcet tones of my voice. Also with some great fx and sounds to add energy and vibe to my DJ sets..

It all started when I first hit the studio in Brighton 14 years ago with TC Izlam (4th adopted son of Africka Bambaataa) Zulu Nation and we wrote a tune entitled Ill Type Sound. I wanted a vocalist I could use to hype the crowd when he wasn’t around, as he lived in the USA, so I got him to record ‘Make Some Noise’, ‘This One’s Another Hot One’ and

loads more. Now I hear them all over the world. It’s amazing to think that this a spawned a new way of making a DJ set more interesting and working with the crowd, which totally represents me as a DJ … all about the people !


Available in the In-app Store.

Short Vocals - short shouts; fressssh, hey!, down, like, this, on fire!, etc (36 samples)
Vocals - longer shouts like ‘Make Some Noise’ and ‘This One’s Another Hot One’ (24 samples)
Samples - rises, squelches, horns, lazers and whooshes (36 samples)

DJ Waxfiend

“WaxFiend the champion you see!”. A sample that is heard frequently throughout WaxFiend’s notorious sets. This DJ from Amsterdam quickly became Europe’s most sought after Dancehall DJ.

You might know him from collaborations with a-list Dancehall artist’s, remixes he produced, rocking clubs all over Europe and the world or mixing up styles like HipHop, Dancehall, R&B, House and more.

Also he is the founder of the infamous Jamrock concept. Organizing huge event’s in Holland’s top venue’s, the internationally syndicated radioshow, and building the scene for local artist’s has led to Jamrock becoming Europe’s most well known Dancehall party. Sound FX and samples are used by most Dancehall & Reggae dj’s so it’s only logical for Noisepad to offer you the Jamrock Soundbank by DJ WaxFiend


Available in the In-app Store.

Jamrock - explosions, various vocals, gunshots, lasers, whooshes; pretty much everything you need to spice it up (36 samples)


Loopbased is a great resource for professional sounds, loops and samples. They offer hundreds of affordable sound and sample libraries for all popular genres including House, Techno, Minimal, Tech-House, Electro, Trance, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Drum & Bass and Ambient.

Their samples are instantly downloadable from Noisepad's in-app shop or and can be used royalty-free inside your own productions.


Available in the In-app Store. Loopbased has provided Noisepad with a free 12 sample soundbank, bundled with the app.

We Love 808 pack 1 - kicks, hats, claps, snares and toms, all sampled in high quality (36 samples)
We Love 808 pack 2 - even more kicks, hats, claps, snares and toms (36 samples)
Dirty South Flava - hypnotic one-hit kick, hihat, clap and other drum samples influenced by today's major producers. (24 samples)


For those who aren’t acquainted with Bong-Ra’s sound will be in for a pleasant surprise. As one of the pioneers of the Breakcore genre, Bong-Ra has managed to mix all his musical influences into a furiously energetic style.

No remorse and no concession. Where other artists stick to their musical blueprint, Bong-Ra never stops the pursuit of musical development, hoping to catch his listeners off guard every single time.

Each pack contains everything you need to build a full blown track and jam the night away.


Available in the In-app Store. Bong-Ra has provided Noisepad with a free 12 sample soundbank, bundled with the app.

Dubstep - a fine collection of saw bass samples, one-hit instruments, fx and vocals; ~ 140bpm (12 samples)
Drum & Bass - raw bass samples, edgy fx and energetic one-hit instrumental samples; ~ 175bpm (12 samples)
Hardcore - hardcore kicks, vocals, fx and other one-hit samples; ~ 190bpm (12 samples)

Upload custom samples

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