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We have assembled a list of Noisepad videos for you to enjoy. The list contains both user videos and videos created by the Noisepad team.
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In a nutshell

Noisepad v2.0

If you're new to Noisepad, this video will show you the basics. The app contains 12 tap pads, 6 effect sliders, a sequencer, an organizer for your samples, import/export functionality, an In-App shop to supply you with additional samples and several sample settings.

Each feature comes with a number of options and settings to play around with. For example, the sequencer has configurable BPM, and Swing, each recorded pattern has its own number of bars. etc. Because of all these options, Noisepad lends itself for use with house music, hip hop, jazz, and any other type of music as long as the samples are available.


Noisepad v2.0 Tutorial

Interview with Chuckie

Bong-Ra beats

User videos

Make Some Noisepad

Bader Santos @ Dopenez

Gangnam Style

Noisepad sequencer preview

Upload custom samples

Use file sharing in iTunes for custom samples .caf / .wav / .mp3 / .aif 22khz / 44khz / 48khz stereo/mono

In-app purchase

Buy Sound Packs from various artists / producers for a very decent price.

Join Noisepad

Noisepad offers a new way of selling / promoting your own music, samples and vocals.

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